The spirit of the season is reflected in the window of a local studio on the Danforth. Nobots by Shuttlewerks get all festive-like in their edgy, imaginative way. It’s fun to try and figure out what the whimsical sculptures are made of.
Danica recognized the materials for one pair of eyes …
Tinker Toys! I had a set of those! Made of wood, back in the 1950s. See Danica’s comment.

4 thoughts on “HO–klik–HO–klik–HO

  1. Great shots Bill, love the Christmas adornments. Thanks for pointing out the egg slicer, I knew it looked familiar. Love the mailbox mouth. Do kids today play with erector sets (see the wooden eyes).

  2. Erector sets? Wow! That’s what they call such toys, eh? I thought they said “erector sets” in the States but I couldn’t remember the name we used in British Columbia when I was a little boy. Tinker Toys! (Thank goodness for search engines!)
    They still make them but in plastic, now, of course. My wooden ones felt much better, I’m sure. But you’re right, those are Tinker Toy eyes on one of the nobots. I can’t post a picture in this comment, so I’ll add it to the main post.

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