YouTube: Watching it watch me

stupidA friend emailed a link to a beer commercial he saw on YouTube, wanting to share a laugh. I clicked it and YouTube now thinks I should watch every bit of adolescent hoohaw that has ever been uploaded.
I don’t care that Google and YouTube watch everything I watch, but their “Recommended For You” nonsense reveals the real problem with artificial intelligence. It’s stupid.
When Stephen Hawking warns us that thinking machines may take over and render the human species obsolete, I don’t worry that A.I. will outpace us with superior intellect. I could live with that. (Well, maybe not live … die, actually.)
The more obvious danger is that we will surrender too much control to idiotic digital know-it-alls that get everything wrong.

2 thoughts on “YouTube: Watching it watch me

  1. Spending a little fun time typing in ‘healthy living’ ‘heal the earth’, ‘pure water’, ‘feed the hungry’, ‘enjoy the moment’, ‘nature sounds good’, ‘turn off tv’, ‘laugh’…
    It would be more like riding a horse, and giving a tug on the reins, eh? lol

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