Harassed in local park

Today, a young lady in a safety vest told me I needed a permit to photograph skaters in Greenwood Park. OK. I went into the recreation office to see about the permit. The R.F.A. (???) on duty said, “It’s complicated”. I would need to have every skater come in and sign. Uh huh.
It’s easier to accept the sign’s misspelling than its meaning. I’ll try to look into this nonsense.

3 thoughts on “Harassed in local park

  1. That’s ridiculous. It’s a public park. Of course you can take pictures. I’d call the media. Maybe they’ll descend, like the sharks they are.

  2. I thought that parks were public, too, Brian, but they are private property that belongs to the Corporation of the City of Toronto. Apparently, the Photography Policy has no force in law … it is not a by-law and you cannot be charged with anything for not abiding by a policy. BUT, there’s a Catch 22. If you do not abide by the policy, you can be charged with trespass. Police can be called and there can be consequences that most reasonable people would prefer to avoid.
    I checked with Toronto 311, confirming that the park supervisor can grant or deny permission to use a camera in their park. The conditions required by the park supervisor I spoke to were that I would have to get the signatures of all the skaters.
    It is not my intention to debate with the park supervisor about what I consider an irrational request. 311 did give me her email address but she has already made her decision, offensive as it may be.

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