Art time at Union station

There are still a couple of days (ends Jan 23rd) to see the Villa Toronto installation of artworks. If you miss it, I’ll put up a slideshow soon, but here’s one for starters.
weighing-the-worldSculpture by Dane Mitchell
As you see, it’s in the “readymade” tradition of work by Marcel Duchamp. A little alteration was made to the scale, adding the label “WEIGHT OF THE WORLD” to the dial. Getting the world onto the scale was simple enough.
art-at-union-stationI snapped a photo of the white display cubicles built for the show. Not exactly lovely, but hey … budgets. This is a non-commercial reach-out to the public. More about it in this Star article.
OK, one more … A refreshing change from self-involved, often pompous and obscure “Artist’s Statements”.
Derek Sullivan has recreated Constantin Brancusi’s Endless Column, then plastered it with posters and dubbed it Endless Kiosk.