That's a wrap

My work here is done. The purpose of this blog was to have fun and it’s not fun anymore. The park incident below is part of the reason. I turn 70 this month and it’s bad for me be exposed to too much absurdity.
Not to leave you hanging, I’ll finish the story I started in the post below. First, the email reply I received from Toronto 311 information service. I have redacted all identifying information except my own.
Here’s the page I was referred to, edited as promised in the 311 message, to cover my particular problem. I consider it an achievement to have the add-on presented in red lettering.
You might have liked to see a photo of the Greenwood Park skaters, but since I haven’t permission to take one, I offer you these of skaters in front of City Hall. I’m sure they were all taken with the required permission.
Thanks to you few who have dropped by over the years. We can stay in touch by email. I’ll leave the site up indefinitely and continue to work on the Helen Andersen site.

11 thoughts on “That's a wrap

  1. You will be missed on here, but I respect your creativity.
    Recently, I’m focused on nature more and more.
    So, no more recording music and bands.
    The time is better spent making music and film.
    I’ll sing a healing song.

  2. There’s a tear in my eye, I love seeing your entries and reading your well crafted opinions. You did have fun with your blog…
    But Joni’s right to respect your need to move on. I know you will bring creativity and humour to your future projects…there will be more good stuff to come. Maybe there will be the odd memorial entry? How will we look back and remember all our wonderful adventures?
    Stupid municipal clap trap….I will never forgive city hall for this one.

  3. Thanks, Hon. Yes, it is handy to have a diary, just to look things up and remember when they happened, isn’t it? I can keep that up, just for us. And I still intend to do all of my Toronto walking and going to events … just without a camera.

  4. I wondered about entries too. Thx D.
    It’s nice to reflect and see when things happened.
    We are not machines.
    Our feelings have significance as we relate to the world.
    My hope is that gentle people are respected.

  5. No blog. Hmmm. Bummer.
    Where am I supposed to find out what major cultural events I’ve missed (Did King Tut come? Who knew.). Where am I to learn about street festivals, outdoor concerts, neighbourhood walks and local parades, after the fact. How will I hear about quirky coffee shops, bistros, sandwich nooks and hatteries that I am likely never to visit. How will I know when to upgrade my software or where to buy extra ram. Who will take me to culverts and train tracks and alleyways and overpasses and bicycle trails and beaches that I, a native Torontonian, didn’t know existed. And laws; which ones should I oppose, which should I support, which petitions should I sign. Is copyright a good thing or a bad thing. I can’t remember. The only thing I’m sure about is that bike lanes are generally bad and jets at the island airport are good. I don’t think that’s enough. I need more. But I guess the biggest question is, with Ripple gone, who will nudge my social conscience.
    – 30 –

  6. Geez, Brian, I had no idea I was so useful. Clearly I had no influence on your feelings about bike lanes and Porter jets, but I sympathize with your loss of info about places you are unlikely to visit.
    May I suggest that you hack into the network of surveillance cameras provided by the City. There are more of them everyday, everywhere, covering everything I might have discovered and much more. Be circumspect if you do so, however. I have reason to believe that the City does not like sharing its pictures with those they photograph.

  7. I was just kidding about not visiting the bistros etc. A feeble attempt at humour in an effort to eulogize all of your good work and end on a happy note!

  8. Brian: I think Bill should post one more entry and that would be your compilation of Ripple photos from the past 10 years. Three 12 x 18″ sheets, an amazing effort that elicited this comment form Bill “The blogs nothing without photos…”

  9. Wow, Brian!
    How intuitive of you to make the big collages of the pictures from Bill’s blog. Nice timing.

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