Two Bills say Bye to Stollery's

stollerys-billMy friend Bill and I were on Bloor for lunch today so went went to see what was left of Stollery’s at the corner of Yonge. The developer has been criticized for his haste to demolish the old clothing store, probably fearing that heritage lovers might hold up construction of his proposed tower. Indeed, that does seem to have been his motive. He sent in a weekend crew the minute he had his demolition permit, but only the interesting bits of carving are gone from the facade. There. Doesn’t look very heritage now, does it?
Danica and I agree that the building wasn’t worth preserving … nothing special. Developer Mizrahi probably didn’t need to act with offensive haste.
Bill and I went next store, where Stollery’s has set up temporarily to sell off the inventory. We found that prices have been reduced from extremely high to very steep. Nothing for us, thank you.
When I got home, Danica asked how construction was going on the other corner, at One Bloor East. Looks like they have quite a way to go.

2 thoughts on “Two Bills say Bye to Stollery's

  1. No special geometry in this building. We’ve lost so much knowledge.
    Bird savers will be assigning helpers to pick up wounded flyers around this building.

  2. Towers such as this strike me as conceptually old fashioned. I believe that they will be brought down before they ever reach the age of even retail buildings like Stollery’s. Some dystopian visions of the future see them becoming vertical slums, but even squatters wouldn’t want to climb up very far without elevators, carrying food amd water on their backs..

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