"Suppository" architect to do Stollery's site

Lord Foster, architect of London’s famous Suppository Building (above, also known as The Gherkin) will fill the Stollery’s location at Bloor and Yonge. Demolition of the old low-rise building is already underway. What will the Foster design look like? Very, very tall. The rest is speculation. Comments are open.

2 thoughts on “"Suppository" architect to do Stollery's site

  1. I hate seeing old buildings come down but really, the Stollery building wasn’t anything special. I am bothered more by the fact that you have ruined The Gherkin for me…

  2. Sorry about that, Hon. I guess it’s one of those “I’ll never be able to see it any other way things”. Me, too, but there it is.

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