Bosch efficiency

The story begins with a compliment. Danica is a genius at storing and retrieving user manuals. When the lamp in the Bosch oven hood died, she was able to look up the part number easily.
Not so easy to find the E14 40 watt replacement bulb, though. The official price of the official Bosch lamp? Over $50! For a single bulb! The Bosch parts supply agent thought there might be an error, but kindly phoned back to confirm. Oh, and there would be a $9 delivery charge.
Not one to knuckle under to techno-terrorist ransom demands, Danica found online alternatives. A bit over $30 for 4 lamps from the UK … but there might be duty. Same from the US, but they don’t ship to Canada.
So … how about taking the old bulb to a local lighting store and asking about a substitute? Turns out, the Bosch manual was wrong. It’s an E12, not an E14 at all. Replacement bulb? It was on sale, so Danica scored it for $1.49 rather than the $1.99 regular price. The 50 buck bulb would not have fit, even if we had believed the manual.

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  1. I am so relieved! Also learned that low wattage incandescent bulbs have not been banned in Canada so I should be able to get replacements for years to come. Can’t believe this adventure took almost a whole day to resolve….

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