Local Free Little Libraries are unlisted

Are some Little Free Libraries wild and free? I know of at least 3 in our immediate vicinity that don’t appear on the official map. (UPDATE: It’s Google’s fault.)
Anyway, when you see one of these little boxes on a stick, peek in and take a book if there’s one you like. Leave a book you’re finished with, for someone else to read.
Little Free Library example
Designs vary, because the volunteer makers are given lots of plans to choose from. Most of the LFLs I’ve seen are on people’s front yards, but I know of one in Orchard Park that also shelters ping-pong bats for use on the nearby table tennis installation that was installed last summer.
As more and more titles become electronic, LFLs a good way to recycle real books, getting a bit more life out of them before they become pulp. Seasonal books are quickly snapped up; gardening and landscaping books for Spring, for example. Lots and lots of children’s books are exchanged this way, along with popular best-sellers and mysteries.
My most amusing “find” wasn’t a find at all. Instead of a book, someone had posted a memo saying “Missing: 50 Shades of Grey“. I guess there are some R-rated Free Little Libraries. Maybe they’re the ones that didn’t make The Map.