Big favour brings big, big bouquet

Our friend Sue has a fine sense of proportion. As a thank-you to Danica (whose offline identity is “Donna”), she arranged for a ginormous arrangement of gorgeous flowers to be delivered today.
Yes, the favour was a big one, but when a friend is in need, “Donna” is a friend indeed. She helped with an emergency move of an apartment full of stranded possessions by renting a cargo van and driving them from Toronto to Kingston.
Amusingly, the card that came with the bouquet names the sender as “to” … apparently a mis-hearing of “Sue” when the message was taken down. No worries, we know it was you, Sue, and you really know how to say “thanks” in a big way!

1 thought on “Big favour brings big, big bouquet

  1. Sue reports that she had considerable difficulty dictating her card message to the Asian clerk on the phone. Signing the card “to” instead of “Sue” was the least of the problem. The words “truck driver” appear because “trucker” proved impossible. I can only imagine what the card might have said without the substitution.

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