3 thoughts on “A bit of common sense from Joe Fiorito

  1. Arming inspectors is stupid. But I’m confused. How does a rear door rider pay in a streetcar that is packed like sardines. For that matter, how does the inspector get around. And people will cheat. Lots of them, depending on route and time of day. Toronto is not London in the 70’s. The TTC will just have to accept that.

  2. I think your picture of the situation is right on, Brian. There are supposed to be rear door collection devices of some kind, but when the streetcars are packed solid, they will be quite inaccessible. Frankly, when the service is that crowded and uncomfortable, its not worth the price, and should be free.
    Maybe fare inspectors will club their way through crowds, in pursuit of proofs-of-payment. That sounds ridiculous enough to be part of the “plan”.

  3. Adding to the plot – I heard the fare box and transfer box are 2 different machines. “…I’m in the transfer line-up Inspector…honest”

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