Two holes, four houses

Once most of the townhouses had been constructed on the site of a former Catholic school, two pits appeared at the ends of the rows, one on each side of the street. Danica wondered what they were for.
My guess was to make basements for two houses, but I was wrong. Four houses! Two in each pit.
Such is Toronto the real estate market at the moment. Land anywhere near downtown is precious. Yards have been replaced with flowerpots so that living space can be maximized.
Personally, I favour this development. Denser housing is better than urban sprawl. More people can enjoy the big city and work in it, with less time wasted on long, slow commutes. Denser populations also mean more potential customers for small, local businesses. There are a lot of plusses, and we can still have human-scale, tree-lined streets, without jammng everybody into high rises. Granted, these not-yet-finished townhouses look rather bleak at the moment, but that will soften when new maples grow in a bit.

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  1. I thought it was going to be badly needed parking space – like guest parking maybe. Guess not, more cars will be looking for street parking!

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