Still life with drums

still-life-with-drumsMy sister’s living room in Salmo, B.C., with many drums, large and small.
Joni takes after her mother Helen, and her grandparents before that, in her appreciation of indigenous arts and culture. Helen responded in her own expressive way, but Joni is more immersed.
Joni plays and sings in drum circles, on drums of her own making. A couple of months ago, she passed a guy who was dressing a deer and asked what he was going to do with the hide. Odd, isn’t it? When you dress a deer, you take its coat off. Anyway, he gave her the hide, she prepared it and made the wooden cylinder from spruce.
drum+stickShe sent one small drum to us as a gift. It came with a fur-covered drumstick and there’s some nice beadwork on the handle.
Depending on where and how you strike it, different sounds are possible.

4 thoughts on “Still life with drums

  1. My favourite entry, a lovely shot Joni.
    I love your collection…are the 5 drums and ours from the same hide? It’s amazing to see all the work that goes into them. We are proud of our gift.

  2. I’m so grateful.
    Another deer hide was given to me by Mary from her sons.
    Honoured to work on the hides and wood to create.
    The drums teach me.

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