Lakeshore Loblaws mimics Maple Leaf Gardens

Many design touches have been picked up from the flagship store now occupying Toronto’s former hockey shrine, including the orange floors, tile surfaces and even the two-storey cheese case. The old “big-box” look still applies to the outside of the Lakeshore Loblaws, but the inside does look better.
The corner of Leslie and Lakeshore needs all the help it can get. Physically close to the waterfront and parklands, it looks like neither. Newly installed streetcar barns have sealed the fate of the intersection. Car and transit dominated, the shopping mall zone looks suburban, not like part of the city and certainly not an inviting area to walk.

2 thoughts on “Lakeshore Loblaws mimics Maple Leaf Gardens

  1. True, Joni. but I believe Loblaws may have plans to correct that. Dress codes, grooming standards and makeup could bring the people into harmony with the surroundings. There are products on the shelves to help, and Joe Fresh clothing from Bangladesh. 🙂

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