Inspiring advice makes sense

I can’t say I’ll ever want to be CONSTANTLY on the go, but as my 70th draws near, I should probably add some of those balance activities to my daily walks. Thanks, Mr Jepson! ( … and Danica for the link).

4 thoughts on “Inspiring advice makes sense

  1. Play!!
    Beauty all around me,
    and I spin counterclockwise..
    As I cross the creek,
    say thank you water…

  2. I got tired just watching this guy. He does stuff I couldn’t do when I was twelve. Made me think of a Kurt Vonnegut book where a parent is encouraging his pubescent female child to become a competitive swimmer. Kurt says “what kind of parent would turn their daughter into an outboard motor”. I rest my case.

  3. Kurt lived to be 85 and certainly kept his mind active, so maybe that helps, too. He struggled with depression that might have been helped by physical activity, but no guarantee.
    As for Jepson, he’s too much of a zealot for my tastes, too. I think he’s on the right track but overdoing it. Hey, maybe he needs a more balanced life, eh?

  4. Agreed. Only if stuff is fun to do.
    Maybe he switched to coconut oil, I sure noticed a difference.

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