Idle curiosity brings out amusing fact

IMG_0762.JPGPhoto credit: Chimay Bleue
The preliminary hype for Toronto’s upcoming PanAm Games set Danica and me wondering, “What other international games have been hosted in our city?” We figured that the olympic-size pool at the foot of Woodbine must have been built for some big event, but we know that the Olympics were never held here.
Turns out, it’s not so easy finding out much about the Donald D. Summerville Outdoor Pool. Architect: Unknown. Built in? 1963? Oh well, those grey little facts are trivial compared with the best one. Apparently the “olympic-size” pool is a a tad smaller than it is supposed to be, due to a mistake in the conversion of measurements to metric. I presume this means it could never be used for real competition.
IMG_0763.JPGNot to worry. There are plenty of non-athletes happy to cool off in the pool, especially since it is free to the public. Last year, the deck was renewed. In 2015, new liners will be in place and the dressing rooms will be refurbished.
And maybe the 10 metre and 5 metre diving boards are correct enough to use for international competitions. There are 3 pools in the complex; the “olympic”, a 25 metre training pool and the diving pool.

1 thought on “Idle curiosity brings out amusing fact

  1. On opening day I jumped into that pool from the top diving board; in fact I think
    that’s me in the picture.
    Well, Sir, when I hit the water I realized immediately that I had just joined the
    polar bear club and that God had forsaken me. Brrrrrrrr!
    I never went back.
    And this from a guy who used to jump into the lake from the Water Works.

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