High flying spiders in Toronto

IMG_0778.JPGDinner conversation at Kathleen’s last night revealed a mystery. Dayl’s office is on the 63rd floor of the beautiful, red granite-clad Scotiabank tower. Her view sounds stunning, but she also sees spiders, hundreds of spiders climbing outside on the window glass.
They busy themselves building elaborate webs until rain lashes them away or window washers remove them. The cleaners do a meticulous job, scrubbing all surfaces, frames and crannies, but soon the spiders are back. Where the heck are they coming from?
I had heard of spiders that travel through tropical rainforest treetops, riding winds on sails made of cobwebs. I had never heard of it happening this far north, and up to heights of 63 storeys! Could it be?
Apparently so. Google turns up examples in Chicago. Why not here? Here are more links, confirming the ways of wind-born cobweb sailors. In the UK. I like the note on spider mites, because that would explain why Dayl sees swarms of spiders that appear suddenly. A whole nest of mites, travelling in a clump would explain this.
David Attenborough says they can soar to extreme heights!

A Youtube video shows them in the Brazilian sky.

Dayl says I can visit her office and see the Toronto spiders for myself, but that will have to wait until the weather is more spider-friendly.

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  1. (singing to a new little drum this morning)
    We’re weaving, weaving,
    peace and unity, peace and unity
    peace and unity…
    Go!! little spiders, Go!

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