Fun at the Flying Pony today

There was a chance to meet the artists today, at the recently mounted Christmas Group Show . I have seen and enjoyed David Irvine’s clever, amusing work before at the gallery-café, but today I saw pieces that opened my eyes to his considerable skill with a brush, too. That’s Mr Irvine showing me one of his pieces, Bed and Breakfast, featuring a familiar looking Nosferatu vampire. We laughed and agreed that Art is very serious.
Flying Pony proprietor Andrew Horne is a very capable artist himself and has pieces of his own in the show (Not to mention the Hand of Creation sign he also painted. I added the zot.) Andrew does a lot with font imagery in this exhibit. He’s very good at it and has training in the old time sign painting craft, which he bends to artistic use. His iconic neon Flying Pony is representative of another facet of his work which often derives from ephemeral photos  re-rendered, large-scale and hand-drawn, in blazing, saturated colours.
I was lucky to meet another artist in the crowd, also showing two pieces this month. That’s Linda Deluca, inset. I got to tell her how much I liked her Red Cactus collage, for its visual texture, colour, pattern and composition.
If you’ve ever been intimidated by the chilly, snooty atmosphere in some commercial galleries, this place is a great antidote. You can enjoy good work and good coffee (and a fresh-baked cookie or scone) in a relaxed, easy-going environment. The art is VERY affordable, too. You can take home a small original for under $30! Even great big works cost only a few hundred.
I didn’t get to speak to Rob Elliott, the man who does the large, bright monkeys. He was there, but in conversation. Next time. Other artists in the show are Al Runt (of Lee’s Palace fame), Jungle Ling and Mayra Majano. Do drop in and have a cuppa while you’re looking.

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