Charcoal life-study

life-study600This striking image was among the finds when Helen Andersen’s missing pictures were discovered in 2013. Although it is only a rough study on cheap paper, I want to frame it and get it up on our walls. I think you’ll agree that it has a lot of force and character. Helen was never interested in prettiness. Instead, she dug in after more interesting qualities of volume and expression. Sometimes she hit the ball over the fence and for me, this is a case in point.
I have been considering this work and a number of others, for a curated collection of works aimed at defining key characteristics of Helen’s style. She tried many different approaches to art in her career, but kept returning to human figures rendered in her quirky, visceral way. I hope to narrow the number of pictures and focus on the most distinctive ones.
When I have the collection online, I’ll announce it here.

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