Breakfast tip: DIY shredded wheat

Ever wonder how they get shredded wheat to fit in the spoon when they take those beautiful food shots for packaging?
It’s easy! Just snap the large pieces along the indented lines.
Voila! Spoon size shredded wheat!

2 thoughts on “Breakfast tip: DIY shredded wheat

  1. awww…
    I thought you were going to say ‘crazy glue’
    (plus remember to use hair spray)
    Yippee, no GMO

  2. Danica likes shredded wheat, too. Nutritious, no artificial additives, no sodium. And, as you note, no GMO. All good.
    I just like to make fun of their apparent inability to bust up their little squares at the factory. Some boxes are full of big chunks of four. Surely they could do better if they’d tweak their machinery.

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