My hope for Canada in 2015

This is the year we can finally remove Stephen Harper and his sad party from office. I hope we will manage it, so we can begin to repair the damage to parliamentary process, to Canada’s international reputation and to our lopsided, oil-driven economy.
No matter how we choose to replace the Conservatives, Ontario’s experience with the disastrous Mike Harris shows that damage repair will not be swift and may never be complete, but first we have to stop going in the wrong direction.
My hope is that we will build a more resilient, diversified economy, stop playing soldier in pointless and expensive military adventures, restore science and research to a place of respect, with proper funding, and recognize our responsibility to the environment.
I hope Canada will return to striving for social ideals of compassion and fairness, which are better goals than stingy foreign-worker schemes and privatization of public responsibilities. I hope we will regain some trust that our taxes with not be squandered on gazebos, political propaganda and G-20 security orgies. I hope we will enter into adult debate and discussion about the kind of society we want to build and regain our willingness to fund initiatives that are beyond the scope of commercial interests.
Fear, greed and distrust are powerful political tools. Their influence will not be easy to overcome. Those who replace the Conservatives will have their own weaknesses and agendas, too. We will not be rescued by saints or sages, but I hope we will find our way toward better government at home and less ridiculous posturing abroad.