Helen Andersen monoprint

monoprint Monoprint in Black and Red. Signed. Approximately 9 inches wide by 12 inches tall
This is the first one of the year to get its new frame, but the third in a set of 3 that were part of the discovered cache of artworks.
The fun of free form monoprints like this is seeing different images in the shapes. Helen liked to use such techniques to break away from predictable compositions.
A similar technique involved “smoke paintings” made by holding paper over a sooty candle to create random wisps of carbon deposits. These could then be “helped along” with charcoal drawing sticks, to bring out whatever imagery the artist saw. We have an example, also from the cache.
I remember house parties Helen threw when I was a kid, when guests were encouraged to make smoke paintings … artists and non-artists alike. Some pieces were passed around and worked on by many hands. Risqué imagery brought lots of laughter when it emerged. Nothing too rude, if I recall, just nudes and perhaps some exaggerated parts. Very Bohemian.