Links I like
Open Culture
Open Library
Internet Archives
Smashing Magazine– Web Design, WordPress themes, Tips
TV Ontario
Public TV, online video, Stock Xchng – Free photos
Code Academy – Learn to code
Khan Academy – Free education
Ted Talks – Some are good
Fix My Street – Report a pothole, dead streetlamp, vandalism
Sam Javanrouh — Best photographer of Toronto
Gord Sawyer — Birds of Toronto. Top notch photos.
From the Dietitian’s Table
How does Registered Dietitian Donna Andersen shop and cook in everyday life?
John Robert Colombo, author
Canada’s “Master Gatherer” is one of our most prolific writers.
Dump Harper Good idea blog
Wheezyrider – Peter & Thao’s World Motorcycle Ride
Toronto Irish Players – Outstanding local theatre group
BoingBoing – Geeky news and nonsense
MacIntouch – Mac updates
CBC Radio – Listen live or rebroadcast
Michael Geist
– Canadian copyright issues
Opening The Window – About Toronto social housing
Lloyd Cooke, painter
Watercolours: jazz artists, women in markets, pioneers

2 thoughts on “Links I like

  1. Thanks for the “plug” Bill
    I noticed this morning that I had a site visit from New Brunswick that originated from Ripple . . . Now I know why.
    PS since announcing my site re-org on Sunday I have had over 1400 page views.

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