June 2004 to March, 2012

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Portrait of the Bloor Street Viaduct

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Damn, I walked all the way down the stairs from Castle Frank for this shot and it’s almost identical to the one on Wikipedia. Oh well, it was another gorgeous day and the walk home was good for 11,000 steps.

East and west subway trains run below the surface roadway and I am impressed that the builders planned to accommodate a subway that wouldn’t even exist until decades after the bridge opened to cars.

When I crossed the Prince Edward Viaduct [the official name] on foot, I got a closer look at the suicide prevention “sculpture” strung along both sides of the bridge. [Read more →]

February 26, 2012   3 Comments

Where Imagination Went To Die

Nope. Not clever. Doesn’t work. Try harder, maybe sober.

Bloor Street West near Dundas West

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A nice gift from Ruth Colombo

Ruth found a photo taken about 6 years ago and husband John Colombo sent it along. It shows my old friend Ben Viccari and his wife Anne as guests at a Big Seven Oh birthday party the Colombos celebrated at Grano’s. Ben was already well into his 80s.

It was through Ben that Danica and I met the Colombos. Ben had a great circle of creative, accomplished friends and acquaintances and introduced us to more than a few of them.

Thanks for the picture, John and Ruth!

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TTC advertising not selling?

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Yesterday, I noticed a bus without an ad in its poster frame and today I saw empty posters and this “TRANSIT ADVERTISING WORKS” plea in the subway station. Hmmmm. Times are tough, maybe tougher than I thought. Weren’t the Dirty 30s noted as an era of pole-sitters and dare devil stunts? Wasn’t a tightrope walk across Niagara Falls just given the green light?

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Lakeside rink at the foot of Kew Gardens

Boys were playing shinny in the bright sunshine we got for Family Day. They provided me with a new blog header image, which you may see when it comes up in random rotation. There’s nothing like skating outdoors. The best!

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Walled cemetery on Jones Avenue

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I stopped to photograph one of the two locked gateways or doors and wondered what the history of this cemetery might be. The walls are unusual and the barbed wire on top? Keeping the zombies in? Google maps let me see over the wall, and in better weather, too. [Read more →]

February 21, 2012   1 Comment

Family Day at the Kew Beach Petting Zoo

Interestingly, the middle shot would be illegal in the UK. A man there was actually stopped from photographing the exterior of public bus because “there might be children inside”.

–Source: Cory Doctorow, in a panel discussion Danica and I attended last year.

February 20, 2012   2 Comments

A brave talk that gets my respect

It’s not a subject we want to hear about, not something that medical professionals say much about, either. Dr Goldman shares his own, personal story in an attempt to shed light on unpalatable realities.

Goldman hosts an excellent show on CBC Radio: White Coat, Black Art.

February 19, 2012   3 Comments

I’m not laughing at Vic Toews

He’s not funny.

February 18, 2012   1 Comment

Watch these guys… they’re watching you.

The politicians who thought the long form census was too much of an invasion of privacy are going to try putting all internet-using Canadians under warrantless police surveillance. Cellphone users, you’re in, too. Bill C-30.

The fig leaf covering this outrageous attack on civil liberties is fear of child pornographers. Apparently our rights are a nuisance for the police because they have to get a warrant at present.

Squawk here. Write your MP with this form. Freedoms, once surrendered, are very hard to win back.

February 14, 2012   3 Comments