June 2004 to March, 2012
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Money talks: Cash Box on the Boardwalk

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Search “Boardwalk CafĂ© corruption” for details

Bussin Tower construction is well advanced. Its name derives from that of the former city councillor who helped the owner do this in a public park. Although it looks like a parkade, it is in fact designed “to sell a lot of beer at 7 bucks a bottle”, observed a passing cyclist from Queen’s Quay.


1 Frank deBrune { 03.21.12 at 9:20 pm }

Hey, that could be the base for a REALLY big ferris wheel!

2 Bill { 03.21.12 at 9:22 pm }

You’re such a visionary, Frank. I don’t know how you come up with these ideas of yours.

3 Brian Hickey { 03.23.12 at 5:56 pm }

Selling beer I understand. Why Sandra Bussin kept getting reelected is what I find confusing.

4 Bill { 03.23.12 at 7:55 pm }

Until Mary Margaret McMahon stepped up to the plate, nobody was willing to do the serious hard work it takes to dislodge an incumbent. Bussin cruised on due to inertia.

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