June 2004 to March, 2012
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Remember The Mac Store? Remember Gallagher?

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The radio ad, voiced by former CityTV guy Gallagher, celebrates the acceptance of rogue Mac marketer Peter Sever into the Apple fold. What was it Steve Jobs said?… It’s better to be a pirate than to join the navy? Peter was never a pirate, but he saw how Canadians were being ripped off on Apple products and brought them here independently, replacing the Apple guarantee with his own. I heard about Peter’s Mac Store through mutual friend Jay Telfer and beetled on down to the store on Queen East near Broadview.

I loaded up with the mighty beige box you see above. Danica helped with the financial load by springing for the HUGE 19″ monitor I got to go with it. The Mac II ci was the fastest Mac that money ( thousands of dollars) could buy and mine came with a BIG 40 Mb hard drive. That’s right… 40 megabytes! The year was 1991.

Peter shared the old ad today, crediting Jim McNeill (CanClone) for the digital conversion from the old audio tape.


1 Peter Sever { 03.08.12 at 12:43 am }

Thanks Bill! What a nice surprise.

That IIci, sigh, such a great customizable workhorse machine. It was the single most reliable Mac for many years and lasted. When I started the Mac Store, to make everyone feel old, a IIci with a black-white smallish monitor, with 4 Mb RAM and 40 Mb hard drive — was close to $10,000 in Toronto. (It was closer to $8,000 in USA, which is what I sold it for.)

$8,000 back then is like $15,000 today.

What amazing powerful computers one buys today for just $1,000.

Not everything is worse and costs more! (But most things do.)

Thanks again Bill. So nice to see that old mouse pad. (Who ever heard of digital mice and digital photos back then? No one.)


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