June 2004 to March, 2012
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Walled cemetery on Jones Avenue

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I stopped to photograph one of the two locked gateways or doors and wondered what the history of this cemetery might be. The walls are unusual and the barbed wire on top? Keeping the zombies in? Google maps let me see over the wall, and in better weather, too.

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Turns out, it’s a Jewish cemetery, still in active use. There was a burial there as recently as 2010. I’m not sure why it’s walled off. Perhaps to offer seclusion from the traffic noise of Jones Avenue, or perhaps to keep vandals out. Barbed wire surrounds some access points on a Christian cemetery near our house. Vandals get in there and tip over gravestones with some regularity.

It’s a shame to think that a Jewish cemetery would require the extra protection of locked gates and opaque walls, but maybe it does. The cemetery’s web page is password-protected.

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1 Brian Hickey { 02.23.12 at 3:31 pm }

Unfortunately, Jewish cemeteries suffer more vandalism than most.

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