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Good support for striking library workers

We only got a day’s email notice of the “Read In” at the Toronto Reference Library, but the weather was good and a lot of people turned up. I saw a few TV cameras and a couple of councillors, too. Gail, a librarian from our local branch, seemed uncertain that the strike could end soon, and she didn’t look happy about that.

Bebe, whom I do not know, had a nifty handmade sign so I asked for a photo for my blog. She said she has a blog, too. I had to ask her to repeat the URL a couple of times. No idea what it means, but it’s memorable.

I took John Robert Colombo’s book A Quaint and Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore to the read-in, just in case I could plug it on the news. No such luck, John.

March 25, 2012   No Comments

Not everyone can have their own dietitian…

Or can they? Grab this little badge and you can get “the look” from a Registered Dietitian, any time you need it.

March 24, 2012   1 Comment

Councillor Doug Ford outsmarted by “monkeys”

The mayor’s brother called his political opponents “these monkeys” in the televised LRT debate at city hall today. They won. So did the city. LRT is a go.

March 22, 2012   6 Comments

Money talks: Cash Box on the Boardwalk

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Search “Boardwalk Café corruption” for details

Bussin Tower construction is well advanced. Its name derives from that of the former city councillor who helped the owner do this in a public park. Although it looks like a parkade, it is in fact designed “to sell a lot of beer at 7 bucks a bottle”, observed a passing cyclist from Queen’s Quay.

March 21, 2012   4 Comments

That’s a wrap

Nobody thinks it matters when the designer asks for specific dimensions, until…

March 20, 2012   1 Comment

Toronto unable to keep libraries open

Disappointing but not surprising. The Ford brothers won’t miss them. How about the rest of council?

March 18, 2012   No Comments

Direct Energy was TERRIBLY trendy

Click image to go to Piwik

Look what Piwik recorded about web visits to this site in the last couple of days. The spike was caused by visitors looking for info about Direct Energy’s bungled water heater fiasco. [Read more →]

March 16, 2012   No Comments

Zapping Direct Energy’s water heater

[UPDATE: Direct Energy has backed away from its ill-conceived attempt to change its service terms unilaterally. No phone call is necessary, after all. I still intend to end my rental agreement, though.]

If you are renting a Direct Energy water heater, you have until April 2nd to stop them from changing your service terms. Unless you call or email to say that you want to keep your old terms, the new ones will kick in.

After April 2nd, unless you act, Direct Energy will be able to zap you with steep fees if you cancel your rental agreement. At present you can cancel without paying a penalty. (Well, almost… they will probably still get you with a whopping $75 + HST charge to pick up their old water heater.)

Naturally, the Direct Energy switchboards have been jammed but you can try calling 1-866-202-1120 to lock in your current terms. Failing that, you can email Direct Energy at rentalterms@directenergy.com [Read more →]

March 14, 2012   9 Comments

Kashmeri doc premieres at ReelWorld

Another friend I introduced to WordPress is being productive. Zuhair “Kash” Kashmeri’s documentary about his father’s Bollywood career is ready to show and has been selected for the ReelWorld Festival here in Toronto. The Golden Pen will play at the Canada Square Famous Players theatre on April 13th.

How does a slacker like me get to know so many creative people? Maybe it’s because I admire their energy, drive and sheer grit. Congratulations, Kash. Well done and we look forward to April 13th.

March 13, 2012   No Comments

To offset my complaints in the entry below this one…

Friend John McCready (upper right) was born in Burundi but grew up and pursued a career in North America (U.S. and Canada). Now he finds himself in a position to use his organizational skills and financial resources to do some worthwhile work in the land of his birth.

John is an interesting guy who, among his other pursuits, recently climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and rode a motorcycle around South Africa. He’s a fellow WordPresser, too. Check out his site for more pictures and a good story. See these dancers, too.

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