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Free WordPress themes

Here’s a handy link to an article listing good, free WordPress themes:


December 15, 2011   No Comments

Haunting the WordPress plugin repository

 Friend and prolific author John Robert Colombo has a book out that makes perfect Halloween reading, so I used it to test a WordPress plugin that is automatically generating what you see above… links and all.

From the Preface – “In the pages of this book you will find a goodly number of hair-raising stories concerning the supernatural.”

I count 35 such stories, first-person accounts reported to the author. [Read more →]

October 1, 2011   No Comments

QR test

April 1, 2011   No Comments

Free WordPress themes may need cleaning

The Problem: Makers of those free WordPress themes may not be as altruistic as they seem. Many include code in their themes that you don’t know about. That’s not nice. Worse, the secret code is often “obfuscated” so that you can’t read it to see what it does.

The threat could be relatively minor, just increasing the theme maker’s search engine ranking by spreading self-serving link-backs. Or, it could contain malware that does bad things. You don’t want that, of course, so you need a way to check themes before you use them.

The Answer: You need the TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker) plugin for WordPress. It will check the themes you have installed and give you a report… like this screenshot.

As you see, my theme is clean but a static link is reported. The “Details” button reveals the link to be one to an organization that the author wishes to support. That’s fine, and the author makes it clear that leaving the link in place is optional.

If the plugin reveals sneaky stuff you could attempt to remove it and use the theme anyway, but I would advise avoiding the theme altogether.

January 24, 2011   No Comments

Drat. WordPress 3 breaks Ajaxified Expand Now plugin

C.H. Weng’s beautiful plugin kept working through a series of past upgrades but the junp to version 3.0 seems to have killed it. I;ve had to deactivate it while I find out more. The plugin was always listed as beta and I understand how time-consuming it can be to work on these things. Oh well, good while it lasted. Thank you, C.H. Weng. If you do and update, I’ll be quick to use it.

9Update] BlueMediaLayer’s Sliding Read More plugin is providing me with a WordPress 3.0-worthy alternative. Thanks, people!

June 26, 2010   No Comments

Kimili Flash Embed plugin settings

When I uploaded an FLV for display recently, the Kimili plugin would sometimes deliver the video quite quickly. Other times it would be painfully slow.

The plugin depends upon a file called SWFobject.js and, by default, it gets this file from a Google repository. This seems logical, because the repository copy is probably up-to-date, thus keeping the plugin up-to-date automatically.

But what if the Google server is slowed down for some reason? Reasoning that this might be the cause of the plugin’s sluggish behaviour, I changing its settings to use the internal SWFobject, rather that the Google copy.

At the moment, the video is coming in faster. I’ll have to keep trying it, to see if the improvement is consistent.

September 15, 2009   No Comments

Skype Status plugin: I think it’s sneaky.

It’s a nice little WordPress plugin and I can understand why a developer might want to make some money for the trouble it took, BUT…

By default, the plugin reveals a link saying “Get Skype, Call free”. This link does take you to a Skype download page but first it goes through the plugin author’s affiliate advertising account, earning him credit for the click made on your page.

I discovered this on my own, searching for a way to get rid of that link. Most people wouldn’t know what the link is doing, and that’s the point. It would have been more “out front” if the author had explained how he was monetizing his plugin.

Anyway, he has provided a way to disable both the offending link and the click-through ad thing. Here’s how, as explained by the author himself :

There is an option called “Use Download Skype now! link” on the

Settings > Skype Status page (sorry you will have to go and visit it

again and risk seeing an ad AGAIN!) that will disable the link below

each button. OR you can set the “Link URL:” (just below that) to

either “Skype download page” or “Skype main page”.

I disabled the click-through link and am using the plugin in my sidebar.

September 14, 2009   No Comments

New, improved and all that

mobile-friendlyUPDATE: I removed the mobile plugin because I didn’t like the way it hobbled navigation and slide shows for iPhone users.

I just installed a WordPress plugin that detects visitors who are using a mobile phone to read my pearly pages.

On a cellphone, the content is presented in a faster-loading, simplified format, perfect for those of you killing time in a queue at the bank or camping for hours in the emergency department.

While I was at it, I updated WordPress to version 2.8. It’s supposed to be speedier, too.

June 13, 2009   1 Comment

Slideshow Test

This slideshow is brought to you with a WordPress plugin called Lightbox-Plus, by Dan Zappone. It exploits the Lightbox javascript by Lokesh Dhakar, now built into WordPress. I think the way the image format changes between horizontal and vertical formats is pretty cool. What do you think? Is it better than a Flash slideshow?

September 23, 2008   5 Comments

New plugin for photos

Click the small image and the Lightbox 2 plugin will open the full size shot for you. It’s a nice way to present photos. Slideshows can be done this way, too, using the same plugin. Plugin authors: Lokesh Dakhar and Rupert Morris. I like.

September 21, 2008   No Comments