Jolanta Hickey M.Ed.

jolanta-gradOur friend Jolanta graduated with her Master of Education degree back in June but I just got a copy of her grad photo. Naturally, Danica and I are proud of her, but not at all surprised by her accomplishment, even though she earned the degree while holding down a demanding full time job.
Jolanta is a dynamo… one of those people who excel at anything they set their minds to. As conductor/teacher of a high school string orchestra she guided her students to international recognition, awards and even a performance in Carnegie Hall. When she decided to beautify her back yard, she studied to become a Master Gardener, then transformed her lot into a gorgeous private park. Oh, and she cooks like a chef.
When she decided it was time to move her educational career up a notch, she fast-tracked from teacher to vice principal and this year to principal of a high school with over 700 students. She has certainly earned the congratulations that have poured in from friends, colleagues and admirers.

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