Villa Toronto Union Station slides

In an earlier post, I said I’d put up a slide show of shots I took at the public art display in the train station. It starts outside so you can see the freshly cleaned columns. Slowly, the 3-year reno is coming to an end.

I don’t feel a need to say much about the individual pieces, they speak for themselves, or don’t. My photos need assistance though, because the materials are important and my pictures don’t show that. The totem, for example. Incredibly, it is made of thousands of pieces of paper, cut and stacked as if printed in layers.

I “helped” with a frame around the double wastebin, to let you know it is a sculpture. There was a similarly made full-size port-a-potty but I did not photograph it because two workmen on lunch break said it was the only piece that EVERYBODY snapped. The wastebin lids worked. Nothing inside. The port-a-potty was locked.

There were volunteers, all female and young, watching over the show in 4 hour shifts. I thought they would be art keeners, and perhaps they were, but they didn’t seem to know much art history … or at least names of major 20th century European artists.

In general, I think it’s a good idea to stick contemporary art out into public places where people have to wait and have time to ponder. There’s probably very little money for this sort of thing, but fewer pieces would have been OK, and maybe a single temporary wall to hang things on. I don’t think the cubicles were very successful.

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