Toronto Star Political Sentimeter

IMG_0696Hmmm, this could explain why I am almost invariably disappointed with election results. My score on the Toronto Star’s Political Sentimeter put me in agreement with 2% of those who’ve done the survey.

I like to think we are the TOP 2%, of course, but the poll didn’t specify that. 🙂 My attitudes are shared, on average, with 36 year olds and more than two thirds of them are women. I’m good with that.

4 thoughts on “Toronto Star Political Sentimeter

  1. Well seems I am also not mainstream. A score of 4% leaves me well away from most Torontonians. Me and my fellow “Anti Establishment Left” cohort are a lonely bunch.

  2. I’ve thoroughly confused the algorithm. It’s not sure if I’m a raging socialist or a close confidant of Attila the Hun. Think I like it that way.

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