Toronto has so many different “looks”

toward-casaloma Of course the castle is Casa Loma and we are looking north from Macpherson Avenue. I took the picture the other day, when visiting the Toronto Archives nearby. Those a newish townhouses in the foreground, designed to look a bit oldish.

I guess it’s possible to shoot a variety of “looks” in any big city, but often not in wide shots. There’s probably good reason for Toronto’s posing as other cities (or generic cities) in so many films. It’s a city of many faces. In contrast, Vancouver (where I lived before moving to Toronto) is drop-dead gorgeous everywhere you look. Sea and mountains… the setting. It takes time, many months in my case, to discover any beauty in Toronto. It’s a city of pockets… ugly or nondescript patches connecting an astonishing range of beautiful parts.

Much of our best natural scenery fails to bang newcomers in the eye because it’s below eye level, hidden in our many verdant ravines. Once discovered, they offer a wonderful network of parks and cycle paths. In fact, when you look down on the city from the CN Tower, it looks more like a forest than an urban centre, we have so many green trees. Ravines are difficult to capture in photographs, but maybe I’ll try some time… or perhaps some sketches would work better.

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