4 thoughts on “Review: Schitt’s Creek

  1. Eugene Levy should have just rested on his laurels and stuck with Igor.
    I’ll bet John Candy is rolling in his grave!
    Schitts Creek…Well named.

  2. I’m afraid you’re right, IMP. Too bad, because I like watching Catharine O’Hara. She’s just funny, no matter what she’s doing.

    Eugene’s Igor was a second banana role but he did a pretty good Bobby Bitman. Remember him as the utterly phony loudmoth blowhard Vegas-style “entertainer”? Maybe he did Bitman well because there’s a Bobby Bitman streak inside Eugene Levy.

  3. I was pleasantly surprised to see Chris Elliott as a cast member. I have always appreciated his weird humour. But even Elliott’s character fell flat in the first episode. I’m very disappointed

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