Readying RAM for Mac OS X 10.10

You know you’re slowing down when the post office delivers parcels before you are ready! Yesterday, RAM upgrades arrived for Danica’s laptop and iMac. Pushing procrastination aside, I installed the 8GB kit today. The laptop is ready for Mac OSX Yosemite (when Yosemite is ready for the laptop. Still too buggy.)

Yosemite, so far, is behaving like a bit of a RAM hog. That will probably improve as version updates polish the OS, but most new laptops come with 8GB of RAM now, so we may as well keep up.

The older iMac can only handle 6GB max, but that will be enough. I have 6 running on my 2008 iMac, using Yosemite in its unimproved state, and it works fine. I would still advise friends to wait until at least the first round of Yosemite bug fixes is done, but there’s nothing wrong with getting ready while we wait, is there?

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