Neighbours congratulate Yen and Guang Chern


Yen holds the certificate that about 15 of us gathered to present this evening. The couple are closing their Beach Hill convenience store and taking up retirement. Their customers are happy that they will stay put… they like living here… but the store will become Guang’s studio. Who knew? Our man behind the counter is an artist, working with Chinese brush. He has been an art teacher, too. Now it’s time to get back to painting. Absolutely!

Yen and Guang are a well-liked, hardworking couple who have served their community steadily for many decades. Long hours, rising costs and stick-up punks could not deter them.

The crowd and the Good Luck cards

Guang carved the sign above his head (top photo) out of styrofoam. Beautifully crafted, isn’t it? It thanks us for 30 years of business. We thank you, Chern, for your boundless good humour and your long service. Good luck and best wishes for many happy, productive, well-deserved years of retirement.

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