Lunch at Leaside Longo’s

Hard to beat this idea for a casual, very affordable and delicious lunch. Brian Hickey treated Donna and me to fresh-made grilled sandwiches from the Kitchen inside the 3 month old Longo’s Store on Laird Avenue. Brian and I had peameal bacon sandwiches smothered in mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, peppers (Brian) and onions (me). Donna was just as happy with her grilled panini with vegetables and goat cheese. Wonderful! And the grill cooks were cheerful and friendly.

We took our sandwiches upstairs to the mezzanine where tables overlook the vast store. Lots of character. The giant brick building was once a service bay for steam engine locomotives. There’s table service if you want to order a draught, glass of wine or soft drink. For coffee, you run back downstairs and return with something from the instore Starbucks. Lots of parking outside, spacious aisles of grocery shopping inside. What’s not to like?

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