How to fake out a red light


I saw a driver doing this today. I wondered about the erratic steering but then realized what was going on in the driver’s head. You can legally turn right on a red. Right? You’re supposed to stop first, but that’s a detail, so roll through at full speed. But don’t complete the turn. Instead, cross the side street and pretend you had been driving on it, toward the green light. You can make a right turn on a green light, right? Haha!!

The manoeuvre was repeated at the next intersection, defeating the red light rule again. I know that, in Toronto, red lights are meant to be interpreted. You can go through them, for example, if they are “fresh” reds that have not been red for too long. But the dipsy-doodle-on-through was a new one on me. I’ll have to watch out for more of that. I mean it. Watch out!

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