Helen’s “hard edge”


Small study on paper, by Helen Andersen. Unsigned. Image size approx 10″x14″

Helen was always interested in what her contemporaries were doing, both locally and internationally. During one stage, she began to explore hard edge compositions and colour fields. Her edges were never that “hard”, neither on the small studies we have nor on the large, finished pieces we would like to locate. I don’t believe it was in Helen’s nature to produce really geometric work. She liked the human, handmade look and texture too much for that.

In fact, I like to think that the one shown below may have come into existence partly by accident. Perhaps a band of colour got smeared and Helen went with what happened. It appears as if she added the irregular, rough bits after she painted the stripes. It is an artist’s prerogative to recognize something effective when it happens, even by accident. The art of identifying such moments and extending the results lies at the very heart of experiment. I like what happened here. I wonder if she worked up a large painting based on this study.


Small study on paper, by Helen Andersen. Unsigned. Image size approx. 10″x11″

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