Flying Pony Gallery’s street sculpture

street-sculpturePhotos: Danica Andersen

Artists Andrew Horne and Rob Elliott teamed up and got into the spirit … in a BIG way … for this weekend’s South Asia Festival on Gerrard East. There are more shots in the slide show to come, but I thought I’d start things off with these shots that Danica took.

In addition to being an imaginative and skilled artist himself, Andrew is the gallery/café proprietor of the Flying Pony and Rob Elliott is one of the artists Andrew has given a one-man show in the past year.

The shot at the bottom includes Melanie MacDonald, the artist whose show opened at the Flying Pony last night. She was chatting with Rob Elliott. I didn’t even know they were behind me. Typical.

Please note that I now refer to the Flying Pony as a gallery first, café second. Although I first appreciated the place for its coffee and bakery enticements, I have learned that they are secondary to what the operation is about.

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