June 2004 to March, 2012
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Weird Photoshop powers

This snapshot from my iSight camera is one of those “take my word for it” illustrations. You won’t have any trouble believing that Photoshop put in the lettering, but if I had posted the image as the 33Mb Quicktime movie that I generated from Photoshop, you would have heard a drum loop that I embedded in the file. What’s more, I could have exported it in many other formats, including Flash FLV.

Why would I ever want to do this? I have no idea. But it’s something that Photoshop CS3 extended can do, so I had to experiment with it. The application can also be used to edit video and import and rotate 3D models! More experiments to come.

Unbelievers can grab that big Photoshop-made Quicktime movie here. It’s not really worth the download time, though.

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1 joni { 09.21.08 at 3:43 pm }

nice face.

You have an expression just for the camera. How cute!

good distractions are gold!

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