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Skype Status plugin: I think it’s sneaky.

It’s a nice little WordPress plugin and I can understand why a developer might want to make some money for the trouble it took, BUT…

By default, the plugin reveals a link saying “Get Skype, Call free”. This link does take you to a Skype download page but first it goes through the plugin author’s affiliate advertising account, earning him credit for the click made on your page.

I discovered this on my own, searching for a way to get rid of that link. Most people wouldn’t know what the link is doing, and that’s the point. It would have been more “out front” if the author had explained how he was monetizing his plugin.

Anyway, he has provided a way to disable both the offending link and the click-through ad thing. Here’s how, as explained by the author himself :

There is an option called “Use Download Skype now! link” on the

Settings > Skype Status page (sorry you will have to go and visit it

again and risk seeing an ad AGAIN!) that will disable the link below

each button. OR you can set the “Link URL:” (just below that) to

either “Skype download page” or “Skype main page”.

I disabled the click-through link and am using the plugin in my sidebar.


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