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Bye, bye Google ads

Google says it didn’t like the click activity on my site, so it has decided not to pay. No big deal. I just wanted to find out how it worked and planned to remove the ads this month anyway. I like the site much better, ad-free.

What I get out of the experience is this story. I started Google ads on this site and MacMemos.com on Jan. 1st (same Google account for both).

The clicks for the first couple of months totalled less than $120 and Google never pays unless the total is over $100 and withholds payment for another 30 days past that point. Not exactly a get-rich-quick scheme. Except possibly for Google, if it routinely disables small accounts without paying. Are unpaid funds returned to advertisers? Who knows?

After signing up for an account, and after there are at least $10 worth of clicks in your piggy bank, Google asks how you want to be paid. It can mail you a cheque or direct deposit to your account. I chose the latter, so Google asks for the bank account number and does a test deposit to see if it works. For some reason, the amount that appeared was not one cent but 44¢.

As it turns out, 44¢ is what I made on the whole experience, but the fun part was seeing what kind of ads my site would draw. Sure enough, if I wrote about Macs, computer ads would show up. An article on the public library brought in book ads, and so on. Sometimes I couldn’t see why a particular subject was being advertised, but most times it was apparent.

There are ways to block particular ads, if you want to. For example, if I was selling T shirts, I could block competitors selling their T shirts on my site. When Christian book sellers began to monopolize my ads, I blocked their source and they stopped appearing quite prompty.

Of course, it’s a no-no to click ads on your own pages, so I never did that. Why the account was suspended, I’ll never know. Google doesn’t tell, but I’m glad it is gone and my site is ad-free again.


1 Brian { 03.09.09 at 8:31 pm }

Most likely because your friends were clicking the ad licks too many times.

2 Bill { 03.09.09 at 8:43 pm }

Could be, Brian. It’s Google’s little secret and it will not tell. Three days after I removed all the ads, I got another email message from Google, identical to the first one, repeating that they were suspending the account. Buggy software?

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