June 2004 to March, 2012
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Finally, a photo of the photographer

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Rebecca Staton has contributed many beautiful shots of High Park to this blog. Today I received a batch that included a picture of Rebecca, for a change.

She has always shown talent with a camera… a great eye and a rock steady hand. Over the years that she’s been sharing her work, I’ve noticed how her photographs have developed in phases. I think she started with the beauty of the park itself… landscapes and vistas… documenting the changing seasons.

Then she started to do macro photos, especially plant life and flowers, with some interesting depth of field displays. When she began to focus on the animals and birds in the park, the first photos were from a distance. Gradually, she figured out how to get closer and closer, capturing vivid colours and sharp textures. Bill’s way with birds helped. Rebecca has recorded many species feeding right out on his palm.

It’s not that Rebecca gets into a “style” and stays there. Rather, she keeps expanding her range, using all of the things she learns at the same time. The result is beautiful variety drawn from a single place, the huge park that she and Bill live beside.

Rebecca’s compositions are all done right in her viewfinder and her creative powers have grown in that department, too. Here’s one more from the latest collection. Dramatic and expressive, isn’t it?

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1 joni { 02.06.12 at 10:06 pm }

Thank you Rebecca.

Your photos have so much depth and movement.

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