June 2004 to March, 2012
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Ann Viccari won’t mind

Here she is, looking all Hollywoody back in about 1950. Ann is the widow of my friend Ben and she showed me this photo above and two others (below) when I visited her one day. The photos were curled and cracked, so I borrowed them to scan and repair. Today, I picked up new copies from Black’s and they came out well. Ann has those now, but I have the digital versions.

Ann was a healthy, attractive and stylish 23 year old when these were taken. No sign of the tragic events that brought her to Canada from England. She lost two husbands, both Canadians, to wartime and postwar duties in the air force. One died in a parachute accident, the other in a crash after the war had ended. Ann was left on her own with two young daughters. Since their father had been Canadian and since her prospects were nil in Britain, she came here, found work and made a life. Ben came onto the scene decades later.

Here are the other photos, if you’re interested.

Ann sat for these photos as a favour to a fellow who was trying to win work as and advertising photographer. The original photos look to have been developed in a home dark room.

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1 danica { 01.29.12 at 7:43 pm }

I thought Ann was a classy lady at 80, an approximate age when I first met her. I love seeing her in these shots – how wonderful you were able to restore them, Bill.

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