June 2004 to March, 2012
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The new face of Maple Leaf Gardens

Mannekins display the Loblaws Joe line of clothing on the 2nd floor.

The old home of the Maple Leafs Hockey Team reopened about a month and a half ago, as a rather spectacular Loblaws supermarket. Personally, I think this is a better use for the building, but I’m not a hockey fan.

In any case, the new store is giving a shot in the arm to the street it occupies. A new Bulk Barn is open, too, a few doors west, on the same side of Carlton.

Everything is all shiny and bright, and blindingly orange! It’s amazing to see how stores could be laid out, if the inevitable clutter of aisle-blocking merchandisers didn’t take priority over customer convenience. Danica and I were there on a grey Tuesday morning, so it was the slowest of times. That certainly added to the impression of space and openess, but the paths really are generously wide and uncluttered.

The store is stocked with all of the brands you see at other Loblaw’s stores, but there’s a more complete range of products than in any other Loblaws I’ve seen. The prices seemed in line for such items, but there are some pricier goods in quantity, too. Lots of “gourmet” preprepared meals, fresh, fancy sushi, displays of orchids… that sort of thing.

There are some fairly Spartan tables and chairs inside, too, so that hungry shoppers can buy a bit of lunch and have it on the spot.


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