June 2004 to March, 2012
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Hmmm… How to show you Colombo’s newest cover?

At John Robert Colombo’s bidding, I designed his latest book cover to wrap the title around the book, starting on the back and finishing on the front. Creative writers do this sort of thing… because they can. Earle Birney once described to me his project for writing scraps of poetry on kites, releasing them to the winds along Vancouver beaches.

Less of Light by John Robert Colombo

JRC’s new book contains poems and thoughts he has written over the course of 2011. His “dream diaries” are in there too. I like reading them. An excerpt:

February 13, 2011. Healthy sleep. One dream: I see the faces of two women, sisters, maybe identical twins, perhaps in their thirties. Their complexions are bleached clean of blemish (and character) and they both resemble somewhat Joan Rivers, the awful but awesome comedienne.[…]

No one else I know keeps a dream diary.

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John also suggested a bleak landscape for the background, lighter on the back cover, darker on the front. I ran a gradient from black to white through the title’s lettering, countering the change in the sky.

I will leave it to the author to explain his thinking about the title and cover design. When he writes up his blog entry, it will appear here.


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