First time visiting Hirut


Lovely Ethiopian restaurant on the Danforth near Woodbine. I asked, “How do you pronounce the name of the restaurant? Heer-ROOT?” “Correct”, the charming lady replied. “That’s also my name!”

Danica, Kathleen and I ordered 3 dishes so that we could share and get a variety of tastes. The first dish to arrive might have been enough for all of us! It was a great, big platter of delicious piles of various beans, chick peas, a hard boiled egg, some chicken, ground beef, lettuce/avocado salad, a melange of other vegetables… all sitting on a bed of Ethiopian bread. You use the bread to scoop up your food. Extra rolls of the same bread are provided, as your utensils. (We cheated a bit and asked for a knife to divvy things up. The ladies also used forks.)

In addition to all that, we got chunks of boiled lamb and a plate of beef ribs (chewy but very tasty). Hirut serves bottled beer, domestic and imported. The coffee is excellent. Prices were reasonable and we took away what we could not finish.

In addition to Ethiopian fare, the menu offered Italian dishes. Why Italian? Well, some customers’ kids want spaghetti or lasagna… and besides, the Italians occupied Ethiopia for a spell, remember.

The atmosphere at Hirut is very pleasant and welcoming. The decor, while simple, appealed to me with it’s warmth and colour. All in all, a great asset in the neighbourhood. There’s live jazz on Thursday nights. I’ll bet that’s worth going for.

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