First framing


When the Indian Children Were Sent Away to the White Man’s School by Helen Andersen. Photo by Thorne Won

It’s appropriate that this is the first of the rediscovered Helen Andersen pieces to be reframed. It is going into the collection of Pat and Dennis Ekland, the couple who found the cache of paintings and brought them to our attention.

We asked Victoria artist Elizabeth Allen to frame the piece professionally as our thank you gift to the Eklands. Pat identified the mother and daughter piece as a personal favourite. Good choice. The theme is a recurrent one in Helen’s work. It was important to her.

Meanwhile, framing activities are beginning in Toronto…


This playful rendering of a toy carousel just needs its glass and it will be ready for the wall. We left the original mat on it because it was in good shape and the colour suits the painting.

I cut my first double mat today, with my new (used) mat cutter… botched it but I learned a lot from my mistakes. The next ones should be perfect.

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