Cameraman flubs at the Flying Pony

Only 3 shots from the back room of the Flying Pony CafĂ© turned out so that’s all I have to show of the latest installation. (Oh, good! You can see them better here.) This month, there’s variety … not the work of one artist, but many, from the Engine Gallery.

I liked a painting by Margaret Glew, oil on canvas priced at $3800, that reminded me of Cy Twombly‘s work. It’s in one of the slides. Artist Howard Day filled a wall with 24×30 canvases, priced according to the row they were in. $750-$1200 each. The nude is by William Lazoz. 40″x60″, $9500.

2 thoughts on “Cameraman flubs at the Flying Pony

  1. What’s at the front of the cafe? Must go see in person. Maybe we can split a yummy cheddar scone and I’ll have a cup of Rooibus tea …

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